How to last longer during sex

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How men can last long in bed during Sex

Men are sexual beings. Male sex drive is stronger than their female counterparts.

It is the dream of every man to last longer in bed during sex to satisfy their carnal desires as well as their female partners.

But there are occasions when our body does not support our burning desires which affect confidence.

As a man whether you are having sex with your lover or an escort or call girl, the early climax is pretty embarrassing.

But not anymore. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can enhance your endurance and last longer in bed to satisfy your female companion and enjoy physical intimacy.

10 best Tips to last longer in Bed for men

  1. Relax yourself before sex:-

    Anxiety and stress are major factors which for low performance in bed for men. Calm yourself and forget everything else while having sex. Approach with a positive mindset and feel confident about your body.

  2. Spend more time on Foreplay:-

    Delaying intercourse and engaging in longer foreplay will help to ignite passion and make sure that both partners are completely satisfied.

  3. Regular workout:- 

    Start doing kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic muscle. There’s scientific proof that Kegels can help men make sex last longer.

  4. Practice to last longer during masturbation:- 

    Practising to last longer during masturbation can train your body to delay ejaculation during sex. Also, masturbating few hours before sex helps to last longer in bed.

  5. Try new sex positions:-

    Having sex in the same position all the time kills the excitement. Try new sex positions like 69, lotus, chair, golden arch, and many more to add that extra spice in the bedroom that helps to last longer.

  6. Ladies first:-

    Allow your female partner to reach orgasm first by massaging her breasts, neck, thighs, and clitoris. This will remove the unnecessary pressure to last longer in bed.

  7. Cut down on Alcohol and Smoking:-

    Alcohol and smoking or other drugs affect the male body and cause premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and other performance issues. Avoid using them before sex.

  8. Use slower movements:-

    Instead of moving faster towards intercourse slow down the process and enjoy the journey. Play some erotic games or watch a movie and kiss each other in between to ignite romance and passion.

  9. Taking Breaks:-

    Taking breaks during sex and thinking about something else for a short period will ensure that you last longer in bed. Use this technique until you and your partner are ready to climax.

  10. Food Items:-

    Certain fruits and vegetables like bananas, onion, and garlic are rich in potassium and can help to increase endurance during sex.


Apart from trying all the above steps try talking to your sexual partner about your likes and dislikes in bed and what you both enjoy the most.
This will boost the confidence of both partners to enjoy a fun-filled intimate time in bed.